Important Opioid Crisis Links 3

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Here are several new links to important articles about the opioid crisis. Topics include- treatment that works, new data from 2017, and the unique way that the opioid crisis affects women.

  1. It’s Overdose Awareness Day — and overdoses are killing more Americans than ever before
  2. Music’s Fentanyl Crisis: Inside the Drug That Killed Prince and Tom Petty
  3. The CDC director’s deeply personal reason for fighting opioids: His son nearly died of an overdose
  4. A Restaurant Takes On the Opioid Crisis, One Worker at a Time
  5. As Opioid Crisis Rages, Some Trade ‘Tough Love’ For Empathy
  6. A quest for addiction treatment that works, and the data to prove it
  7. US drug overdose deaths rose 7% in 2017 and doubled over a decade, CDC reports
  8. On front lines of opioid crisis, recovery houses slowly accepting contested treatment approach
  9. How Heroin Came for Middle-Class Moms
  10. This E.R. Treats Opioid Addiction on Demand. That’s Very Rare.
  11. How the Smallest State is Defeating America’s Biggest Addiction Crisis
  12. States Show the Way on the Opioid Epidemic
  13. Serenity Prayer inspired me to spare other families the pain that opioids caused mine
  14. It’s time to measure addiction recovery rates, not just addiction rates
Important Opioid Crisis Links 2

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  • Chilling stats and stories in these articles #9 from – – that could be any of us who have been prescribed a pain killer by a “trusted” doctor, even for very routine medical procedures. In an earlier post, you described how Debbie refused that option after her emergency appendectomy last year, roughing it out with Tylenol instead. Way to go Debbie! ❤️


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