A Mother’s Letter – #6


By Deborah Cross Werner

Dear Jamie,

Your chair will be empty again at our Thanksgiving table, your favorite holiday. We won’t have enough food to feed 20 or more. We won’t see your smiley face as you present us with your creations. Will I ever accept the fact that you are gone? You won’t meet Morgan’s Andrew or hear about Stephen‘s new job or even see our new beach house.

As Phil Collins sings to his son in the song, “Since I Lost You” —“it seems in a moment your whole world can shatter…How can I ever be the same? Because my heart is broken in pieces. Since you’ve been gone… It is all too easy to take so much for granted. Oh now you’ll never see, never know all the things I plan for you and me.”

The holidays are so difficult without you, I just thank God you are on my shoulder telling me to put more butter in the stuffing or spices in the casserole. Occasionally you tap me on my shoulder and tell me to be happy and then you send a sign- thank you for that! Every day I thank God for my three angels on earth. I just wish more had the privilege to meet you. Yes, your chair will be empty, but we will raise a glass to you, light a candle in your honor, tell a story about you and know you are watching over us with Jak by your side. Life is better because we had you – even though it was for such a short time. I love you Jamie, “my heart is broken in pieces since you’ve been gone.“

Love, Mom

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  • Kathy Connelly
    December 3, 2019 4:23 pm

    Beautiful Deb. His chair is always by your side. His love is always with you. So sorry for your pain and loss. Love you.

    • Terri England Hendry
      December 19, 2019 5:33 am

      I just lost my daughter to an overdose in September. Maddie Kline told me about your site. What a wonderful tribute to your son. I am crying through the holidays when I thought I had healed. ❤️ Terri Hendry


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