A Mother’s Letter – #5

By Deborah Cross Werner

Dear Jamie:

I know you witnessed all this from above but the last few weeks have been amazing. Witnessing thoughtfulness and total love from those who have really stuck by us, through thick and thin, has helped us to survive the unspeakable.

On Saturday, September 28, 2019 your great friends CBass (Mike Siegrist) and Amy Petrucelli got married. We were lucky enough to be able to share in their special day. Mike’s dad, Louie, had lapel pins made of a wolf with the number 51 on them. The groomsmen wore them and many of the guests did too. It brought me to tears and it was so special that you are so remembered and loved.

Siegrist Wedding Lapel Pin

Fast-forward seven days, and many of our friends locally, as well as from Boston, New York, Chicago, and Connecticut came to celebrate you and to support us for the Shatterproof 5K DC walk. Not only did we have the largest team there, but we also raised the second largest amount with almost $22,000 donated! Many thanks to our very generous friends and to the Warren Cross Family Foundation. You would love it that Ben, Sarah and baby Brody were there. Emily B. too.  And, Dad was asked to speak this year and he did great!

Last but not least, many of us wanted to keep celebrating you back at our house with some of your favorites: Ledo’s pizza, your Mac & Cheese made by Andrew Feder, and shots of Jamo. Your godfather Jim Petritz gave a fantastic toast to you- you will never be forgotten. You were always famous for bringing great people together and we will always celebrate you.

Werner 5K party – Kneeling: Jim P. Standing from left: Erin G, Rick W, Kevin G, Stephen W, Carol K,
Andrew F, Mark L. Photo-bombing: Jack P and Gershon.

Now that things have calmed down and I have time to reflect on these past couple of days I realize that I will always miss you, my heart will always be broken but we are so lucky we have so many friends and family that have really stuck by us and have helped your memory live on.

We love you Jamie, ”we will never stop fighting for you.“

Your family

As Rita Wilson sings:

“So when I’m gone throw me a party,
You should dance as if I was there,
Don’t be sad or brokenhearted
Tell my stories and drink all my wine,
When I am gone
Throw me a party”

The back of our 5K Team T-shirts

Untitled by Morgan Werner
A Mother’s Letter – #6

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  • Lovely post, and thanks for the rocking T shirt for the cause. Wonderful to see you on the cusp of your big weekend. Congratulations on another successful walk in Jamie’s name. ❤️

  • Jamie was all about being with friends and family. Deb, you captured these recent moments beautifully. Jamie May be home but he will never be forgotten. I’m still tasting his famous chicken and waffles! XxAmy

  • Kathy Connelly
    October 22, 2019 5:10 pm

    Really nice, Deb. So many people love you guys and we will never forget your sweet baby James.

  • Glad the walk was a huge success! People show up for you guys because they love all of you so much. Even with
    your inconceivable loss, you guys give so much back to your friends and community.

  • Another heartfelt and heartbreaking tribute, Deb. I thought of you all during the walk—would love to join you someday! Xoxo murb

  • It was such a moving experience being there with you, your family, and all your friends. Some times it hard to take kudos when they are deserved so I want to say it is a credit to You, Rick , and your family ( including Jamie ) that not only is he remembered but that he is celebrated by you and all that love him. He must have been smiling looking down on the party but it goes beyond that. In many ways he was there with us all encouraging all to have fun!
    This kind of bond can only happen through extraordinary love.
    You should be as proud of yourselves as we all are of you!


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